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If you are doing it independently you could get a train from Myoko Kogen to Kurohime Train Station (which is on the shinetsu line to Nagano) and there is a bus from there up to Madarao. The Tangram side has got some nice pitch, but they yell at you if you go off-piste, whereas on the Madarao side they are a bit more relaxed and we get plenty of tree action.
Thanks. That's good to know.


Madarao and Tangram can be purchased on the one ticket about 4,500 yen and they are linked at the top.

Keep in mind that each resort is different and as such have very different off piste policies. Both resorts offer some great riding and if you head there during the week you will have the place virtually to yourself.

Powder Recon ( )  is based in Akakura and offer day trips with their own buses and guides a couple of times a week if you can track them down in the village and have a chat to them. They have been skiing here for the last 5 seasons and know the place well....

Have fun.
Cutting fresh tracks in this sub forum. Wow.   :D

So I've got a week in Myoko in Jan 2012, based in Akakura Onsen. And I'm wondering if I can if I can score a day in Madarao-Kogen/Tangram Circus, to have a look-see. So the questions are:

Is Madarao & Tangram on one ticket? Don't know anything about Sympathique. Can you ski all on one ticket? Can I get a ride there and back for two people from Akakura? Shuttle, taxi what do you recommend?


Ski Jobs in Japan / Bar staff - Nozawa Onsen
« Last post by myokoguy on October 27, 2011, 11:44:47 PM »
Stay Bar in Nozawa Onsen is looking for Staff for the coming Ski Season so if can pour a beer, cook a burger and play a tune send your resume. Please tell them you saw the info here :)
Back Country Skiing / Re: Backcountry Access to Kanna San
« Last post by Method on October 18, 2011, 10:21:06 PM »
Yeah ok, I see what you mean about that caldera (I just worked out how to get terrain contours on google maps ;D). What I didn't realise is that caldera is actually quite deep. Judging by the contours it is up to 200 meters in places between Akakurayama and Mitahara San. "Glimpsing" through the cloud, I just assumed the terrain flattened a bit out above Akakurayama and then steepened up again going up to Myoko San. I imagine the snow would be nice and soft in there!

The other thing I noticed is that you might get a good run off the back of Maeyama San down to Tsubame Onsen, or if you got too deep into the gully would you end up in the same place/valley you mentioned below Kanna San? Looking at photos I see there is a waterfall above Tsubame somewhere. Failing dropping over the back, I am 99% sure you could stay on the ridgeline (skiers left from the top of Maeyama San) and then above that old champion (is it #5?) lift (any plans to re-open that btw?) down to Tsubame. I say I am 99% sure because we hiked up to the top of that old lift (descended down the old piste as the vis was good) and near the top saw tracks heading east (skiers left of the old lift) and looking at the map the only place they can have gone is Tsubame. I remember going skiers left off piste (is there any other way to go! 8)) off the top of Champion #2 quad and coming out on that road down from tsubame that leads through the little tunnel and you come out on the Akakura Onsen side. I wondered what the buildings I saw on the other side of the cat track were and subsequently worked out it was most likely the Tsubame highland hotel.

Back Country Skiing / Re: Myoko avalanche risk
« Last post by Method on October 18, 2011, 09:29:58 PM »
You can learn a lot watching this video.

I would like to think that if I was one of the guys at the top seeing this thing slide (apart from being grateful I wasn't being buried in it!) that I definitely would NOT, repeat NOT, drop down a carbon copy (same aspect, same pitch, and untouched) of a slope that had just slid! I think (without being able to see the surrounding terrain to see how else I would get down) I would descend exactly where the previous avalanche went down. The theory being that it's already slid just there and there's not much more to slide.
General Myoko Kogen Chat / New Myoko Ski Lift Pass
« Last post by myokoguy on October 16, 2011, 09:57:25 PM »
For those heading to Myoko this season there is a new pass - the Myoko Super Big-4 Lift Pass. This is a special ski lift ticket price for long-stay guests. Good for all four Myoko-area ski resorts (exc. Seki) and ideal for frequent skiers or those staying from 8 to 21 days in Myoko. The available period begins from the first day of use in Myoko. The pass costs a flat ¥35,000 so once you stay more than about 10 days the value really kicks in.
Back Country Skiing / Re: Myoko avalanche risk
« Last post by myokoguy on October 11, 2011, 12:08:10 PM »
Who stole Bill's video?  ???

Hand going up...  :-[

Thanks for the comment Bill. Saw the video on your site and thought it would be good to stick it up here and raise some awareness.
Back Country Skiing / Re: Myoko avalanche risk
« Last post by myokobill on October 11, 2011, 07:54:55 AM »
Thanks for putting that up! I have it on my site as well—for the avalanche, as well as the guys' actions: "The powder part slid once, so let's look for more potential disasters!" People watch too many ski videos.... I've had people request that they have the chance to ski out of avalanches! Avoid them; study, dig, live.
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